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Store Front | Howell Hardware

We have over 30 items in front of our store. Everything is clearly marked above the item. Some items are seasonal (S) and some are year round. Here’s the list: k-1 kerosene, paver sand, pure portland cement, fast setting concrete mix, ready mix sand concrete, ready mix gravel concrete, type S mortar mix, calcium chloride flakes, calcium chloride pellets (S), 70# tube sand (S), 80# ice melting rock salt (S), 50# ice melting rock salt (S), manure mix (S), peat mix (S), top soil (S), potting soil (S), firewood, 20# ice melter (S), 50# ice melter (S), mulch red, black and cedar (S), decorative stone (S), river rock/pea gravel (S), peat moss bale (S), potassium chloride, softener cubes, softener cubes with ironfighter, solar salt, all-purpose sand, silica sand, wood pellet fuel (S), oil dry, asphalt patch. YOU’LL SEE!


"Everything is clearly marked above the item."