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Here’s another department that is amazing to people. We have a huge selection of garden chemicals and fertilizers. Pesticides, repellants, from mosquito to deer to snake, soil additives, milorganite, milky spore, cactus fertilizer, dried blood, organic, lime and on and on. Garden tools are a special focus of ours, including a 50 foot long “shovel wall”. Whether you need to dig, scrape, pick, pry, hoe, weed, trim, lop, prune, rake, scoop, chop, or probe, you won’t find more choices. There are too many choices in sprinklers, hose nozzles, and garden hoses and hose fittings to list. Our L&G dept. also has a wide variety of mower and small engine parts. And we have just about every drive belt there is. YOU’LL SEE!


"Garden tools are a special focus of ours"