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Fall Close-Up

  • I call it “FALL CLOSE-UP”. Here is a check list of things a homeowner should think about doing before it gets too cold out.
  • Tune the lawn mower, edger, blower, etc now, not in the spring.  Clean or replace the air cleaner, change the spark plug, replace the fuel filter, put fuel stabilizer in the gas, drain the oil (don’t forget to put new in come spring), thoroughly clean the engine with compressed air, scrape the underside of the mower deck, sharpen/balance the blade (we sharpen blades for 7 bucks a blade), lubricate wheels, pulleys, and other moving parts, use carburetor cleaner, replace any worn belts, and tighten any loose nuts/bolts.  Next spring it’ll start right up.
  • Tune the furnace.  Replace the filter, replace oil filter and nozzle if you have a fuel oil furnace, turn on the humidifier and test for proper operation (hopefully you replaced the humidifier pad/filter last spring-if not get some CLR and start scraping), adjust flu dampers from air to heat, and test the furnace to make sure it ignites properly.
  • Blow the sprinkler system out.  A few years ago I hard piped a ¼”  line from the vacuum breaker on the outside of my house right through the joist plate and into my basement where I keep my air compressor.  Now I can blow the system out without leaving the shop (except I like to watch the water blow out, so I go outside anyway).
  • Put storm windows, and weather stripping in place.  And you may as well wash the windows while you’re at it.
  • Make sure any outside sillcocks that are not frost-free are open, with the water shut off inside-check for leaks.
  • Fall is a great time to plant trees and shrubs.  Be sure to use some peat mix in the hole you dug.
  • Put fall fertilizer on the lawn, and install driveway markers.  I like to put liquid broadleaf plant killer down, using a hose-end or pull behind sprayer, after the first frost.  You won’t have a dandelion in the spring.  If you’re doing some fall seeding, don’t use the herbicide in that area.